Managing for Success

Dr. R. Henry Migliore's life is dedicated to helping others succeed. He works with a wide range of hospital, government, athletic, profit and nonprofit organizations.

His primary role has been strategic planning, problem solving and team building for action and solutions. Dr. Migliore's formula for developing supportive functional plans, and their co-ordination with the overall plan is unique.

In this website, Dr. Migliore offers a variety of resources and materials including books, articles, presentations, online courses, videos, and photos.  

Consulting Services

Dr. Migliore provides custom consulting services in a variety of business fields including management, strategic planning, and success. A partial list of his areas of consulting expertise are listed below.

International Contacts

Dr. Migliore's books and articles have been translated into Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, German and Japanese. He has trained international managers.