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From John Benjamin From Coach Derwin Blankenship, Collinsville High School
  • December 10, 2004 - Dear Henry, I thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. Henry, I was 79 years old in November this year. I still walk 2 miles (for years it was three miles) every day, rain or shine, all outside for 30 years. While walking every day I decided long ago that while I was walking I could use this time, reflecting and praying. Of course, I pray for my family and close friends, but I also pray for my former students, teachers, athletes, and former coaches. I always pray for you, Henry, along with Johnny Combs, Jim Jackson, Mike Doyle, Ronnie Cooper, Joe Bob Hinkle, Mike Mitchell, as I remember the names of Clay Lynch and Charles Varella and many others including some of my coaching buddies, Bill Garner and David Joe Thomas, who have gone home. when I was a child the country folks called it "home goings." We are all going home and I want to be ready. Henry, I consider you my all-time favorite student and player (after all you were an Honor Roll student and you excelled in football, basketball, and baseball, all-conference in all three and qualified regional in track. Of course you were also a fine Christian young man. I find it remarkable, Henry, that of all of the thousands of students and players that I have encountered through some 30 years, you have been the most faithful in keeping in touch. Professionally you are probably the most successful. I love you very much. Your old coach, Derwin Blankenship.
  • December 12, 2001 - Dear Henry, I just wanted to thank you for the great letter you wrote to Bill Blankenship and his son Josh. also the kind remarks you had for me, your "old" coach. I still say you were the greatest high school punter and kicker I have ever seen and I have seen quite a few. You were a great high school end and one of the best basketball players I ever had. Also Henry, as you know, I taught and coached for 38 years in Stigler, Collinsville, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Of the thousands and hundreds of athletes and students I had through the years, you are the most thoughtful, considerate, and compassionate as well as the most successful. I am so very, very proud of you and your Christian faith. I know your family loves you dearly and I do too. Your old high school coach, Derwin Blankenship.
  • Dear Henry, I was and am delighted that you have been inducted into Eastern's Athletic Hall of Fame. I know how meaningful and important this honor was to you and your family. George Nigh and Sidney S. Carney were students at Eastern while I was there. Spec Gammon was a star athlete (football and basketball) at Eastern when my older brother played there in the 40s. Spec was the quarterback and later played in the Southwest conference. I believe it was Texas A&M. I am also acquainted with Ross Harlan and E. T. Dunlap. Henry, of all the students and athletes that I taught and coached, you have been the most successful. Your contributions to education and to your students will be eternal. Most certainly your Christian life and Christian influence will also last forever. I did not get ot know your parents very well but 'm sure they were Godly people and would be extremely proud of you as well as your sister Mary, and most importantly your wife and children. Henry I am delighted, excited, and so proud of you. Congratulations. Please keep in touch. I am proud to be part of your life. Your old Collinsville Coach (57), Derwin Blankenship.